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From “In addition to their more admirable accomplishments, the French are generally considered the world champions of public protesting.

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything related to reasons why one should come to France, so I thought

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A game! Find the famous landmark on the map and click on it to get as close to is as

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Whenever I ask French people to name some French Christmas songs, the response is always, “Petit Papa Noël.” “What else!???”

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Some people choose Nutella, others, like my in-laws, prefer to spread Buttella on their tartines / toast. Appetizing! tags: france,

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From “Francophobes who cast all French as neurotically hostile to anything foreign would be wise to upgrade their perceptions.

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Following the unexpected and disappointing news that beginning 2010 Apple will no longer exhibit at Macworld, which is THE premiere

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Hey Carla fans, you might be happy to know that Pardon, a company (brand) from La Réunion, began giving away

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Unusual sales are taking place in Strasbourg. Read about it here. (in French)

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Previous dialogues: 2 Air France Pilots, Barack Obama et Nicolas Sarkozy, Sarah Palin et Nicolas Sarkozy, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Anne

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From “Eliete Gomes Ricardo cooks, scrubs and irons. She will also shine your shoes, pop out for a bottle

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Make your everyday objects interactive, smart and communicative with Le Mir:ror. Simply affix RFID Ztamps to them and show them

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While driving by this monument in the north of France not far from Fort Mahon and Ambleteuse, I let out

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Voila for your viewing enjoyment: An impressive and very well-made French animation called “Dans la tete” (in the head) that

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Thought you’d enjoy this bit of French zizi (penis) trivia: From “Sacre bleu – it’s not only their baguettes

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It’s Cyber Monday! Regrettably, France doesn’t have a Cyber Monday (POURQUOI!?) but just in case you didn’t know about it,

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