Ice Skating on L’Etang de Frasne

frozen lake ice skating

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything related to reasons why one should come to France, so I thought I’d mention L’ Etang de Frasne (The Frasne Pond) located in the region of Franche Comté. It’s actually a large pond or little lake, if you will – and a very good reason to visit it right now is so you can go ice skating on it.

Right now in France, it’s cold. Wicked cold, in fact. Temperatures this low would inspire many of you to stay indoors, wrap yourself with a warm blankie, grab a hot chocolate and sit in front of a crackling fire, which is nice and cozy and all – but, you might want to take advantage of the wonderful winter weather and go out aller patiner (to go ice skating). L’Etang de Frasne / The Frasne pond is completely frozen right now and waiting for you and your ice skates. There are a couple of frozen ponds near each other but with the longest one, L’etang de Frasne measures two kilometers (1.2 miles!) long. That gives you a bit of space, much more than if you went to a teeny ice rink. Afterward, you can have your hot chocolate and cuddle with a loved one next to a warm fire…

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[photo from le blog d’olif]

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