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Sugar purses! A sugar company doesn’t usually, for any particular reason, merit much attention but Belle de Sucre is so

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Not that you need another reason to love Paris, but I thought this would be an important addition to the

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From the telegraph: “The holding centre planned for the port of Calais has been the subject of frenzied claim and

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From the telegraph: Mr Sarkozy, a man often ridiculed in France for preferring fitness to literature, has frequently expressed his

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Photo taken in Aix-en-Provence yesterday.

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From slashphone: “Following a six-month test on the Paris-Amsterdam-Paris route and after a first launch on some French destinations last

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There’s a crisis and all but do we have to resort to eating crickets, worms and cicadas? I’d like my

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The sandwich invasion, not the underground transportation system.

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From newsweek: “This week brought the release of the new Michelin Red Guide, prompting foodies to run and see which

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From slashfilm: The confirmation comes from Upcoming Film Scores and the Disney folk they checked it out with: Daft Punk

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From newser: ” Seven French politicians, including President Nicolas Sarkozy, have received death threats accompanied by live ammunition, the Independent

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The squirrels are getting bolder, closer and more curious about who is leaving walnuts for them every day. Here’s Part

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Him: Hey! I was looking for you. Ground Beef? Me: Wha? … Oh. Dinner. Do you want burgers or some

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