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Apricot Mille Feuilles with Pistachio cream We stayed a short distance from Canal Saint Martin last week in Paris and

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We finally got a chance to try out the gelato place in Paris, Grom. Perfect timing last week because Paris

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Click on image to view video The following clip might make some of you cringe, particularly those of you who

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From AP: Paris’ Picasso Museum is closing its doors for renovations, spiriting away its masterpieces under high security to government

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They keep saying that the French are the most productive people in the world year after year. A new study

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Dating from the end of the 17th century and standing 450 square meters (4,843 square feet), a chapel in the

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Some people come to Paris to take photos of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and The Arc de

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Space Invaders bonus seen in Paris, Canal Saint Martin yesterday. Game is not over.

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From the guardian: “So Alton Towers has banned embarrassingly titchy swimming trunks at its water park. But spare a thought

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From the telegraph: “…The places under threat include some of the area’s most popular resorts. Bays popular with Britons from

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Don’t try this at home.

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Although I don’t know when they were ever in, the timeless designed Palladium Boots are apparently back! In 1947 the

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From the latimes: I’d seen pictures of this oddly unsettling Barbie Foosball (a.k.a. table soccer) table floating around the Internet

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You’ve seen the bright, double-decker, in-your-face Paris tour bus navigating the windy streets and massive roundabouts of Paris scooting around

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I didn’t even know Strasbourg HAD a 10-day  international film festival. Of course, this is only their second year but

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From cheapflights: “Want a seat on the inaugural flight of the new A380? Get your bidding arm ready. Air France

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From wired: “1693: Champagne is said to have been invented on this day by Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French monk.

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Comment trouver une bonne nounou / How to find a good nanny. Click on the image to watch the video.

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