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Who can blame the car rental company, Sixt, for poking fun at Sarkozy’s height? In this German ad, it says,

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From the telegraph: Nicolas Sarkozy has been caught on film telling a man “don’t get cheeky with me” after spotting

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For those of you stuck in Paris because of Eyjafjallajokull’s wrath on Mother Nature (the Icelandic ash cloud grounding airlines

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The following massacred French recipe was committed by the folks at that omnipresent family cafeteria/restaurant in France, Flunch, not me

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A new trend in fashion in France? For those of you who’d like to adopt this style, I certainly hope

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If an ad could be cute while being punny even when advertising ointment for hemorrhoids, this is it.

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Well, it’s ALMOST an office. Think of domiciliation as a sort of Mailbox Etc. kind of place but with more

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Seen on a sidewalk in Paris. Our story: it’s a message from an anglophone to a French lover. Now, hopefully

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My sweetie HAPPENED to be in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris’ Best Baguette of 2010 and grabbed a couple of

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This is a guest post from Why Travel to France contributor, Patricia. (Thanks, P!) I thought readers would appreciate this

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