L’Encas Bio, Annecy

If I lived in Annecy, I’m sure I’d be a regular at L’Encas Bio, an organic restaurant that’s tucked away in the Vieille Ville somehow distanced from wandering tourists yet right smack inside the historic area.

Specializing in delicious, healthful light fare, they offer fruit juices, smoothies, ice cream, quesadillas, vegetarian meals, soups, wraps, salads and more.

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It’s a place where you’ll see locals and everyone seems to know each others’ names.

Owned and operated by Myriam and Tito, a friendly Franco-Mexican couple, you’ll feel welcomed by them immediately as you grab a table outside in front of one of the many canals in Annecy.

photo from L’Encas Bio

Stop by if you’re ever in Annecy and in search of a wholesome breakfast, lunch or snack (by the way, L’encas means snack). Note: Gluten-free and take-out choices are available.

L’En-Cas Bio
Galerie de l’Evêché
9, rue Royale
F- 74000 ANNECY
Tel: +33 4 50 77 81 92
Hours: 8h30 à 18h Monday – Saturday
L’Encas Bio Facebook Page

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