Le Viaduc de Millau / The Millau Viaduct
Wednesday April 09th 2008, 9:49 am
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We hit the road last Sunday from Burgundy en route to Carcassonne in the south of France. We took a little detour to check out the Le Viaduc de Millau / Millau Viaduct, which was open to the public in 2005. I thought I’d share some photos.
le viaduc de millau the millau viaduct prices toll rates
To cross the viaduct you must pay a toll, which is higher during the summer! The summer rate is: 7.40 euros ($11.62) – and the non-summer rate is 5.60 euros ($8.79).
le viaduc de millau the millau viaduct
The actual bridge crossing is supported by the cables attached to the top of each tower, which is why, I supposed, they call it a “Cable-Stayed Bridge.” Probably the most common view of the viaduct is from this viewpoint (above).
le viaduc de millau the millau viaduct
The bridge connects the autoroute from Paris to Beziers at the point where it is bisected by the Tarn River, which runs through a wide gorge between two plateaus.

le viaduc de millau the millau viaduct
The Millau Viaduct took 4 years to build. It stands 280 meters (919 ft) tall (which is higher than the Eiffel Tower and is considered the highest bridge in the world) – and is 2.5 kilometers long (1.55 miles). It cost €394 million ($619 million) to construct.