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November 6th, 2008 by ptinfrance

vin de merde
When I wrote about the Vin de Merde (shit wine), I clearly didn’t expect to receive a bunch of emails requesting how to get some. My apologies for not writing back. I didn’t know the answer at the time. But now I do – because we bought 2 cases (12 bottles) and received them in the mail today. And they’re easy to order, however, you have to be in France.

How to Order Le Vin De Merde, le pire cache le meilleur (the worst hides the best)!

1. Order it by calling Jean-Marc Speziale: 06 11 52 73 94

2. Send him a French check for the required amount (6,50 € per bottle) and include shipping fees as well (approximately 15 € per case of 6 bottles). Make sure you include your shipping address. Mail your check to: Jean-Marc Speziale, Le Vin de Merde, 2AE Les terrasses, 36150 Aniane.

3. Receive your Vin de Merde.

4. Drink your vin de merde.

It took about 2 weeks from the time we sent out the check, so it’s not too long of a wait. It was recently reported that they sold out of their famous vin de merde, but they still have some or they made a new batch (or whatever a “batch” is called in wine language). I don’t know if this batch is any good. We don’t drink wine usually so we will give them all away to friends and family, as a silly gag gift.

A Note about bringing wine back to the U.S.: Most people think that when you go from France to the U.S., you’re only allowed one liter of an alcoholic beverage. That depends on the state’s requirements where you land, so check ahead for specific requirements. And it’s possible that the one liter limitation is only true if you don’t want to declare it upon arrival. For many states, you can actually take more than a liter with you provided it is for personal use, it’s packaged correctly, and that you pay duty and an IRS tax. (taxed at around 3%). I don’t really like dealing with even more redtape or lugging around heavy, fragile items after an 11 hour flight, so we’ll be taking just 2 bottles to the U.S.

Le Vin De Merde
Jean-Marc Speziale
2AE Les terrasses
36150 Aniane France

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