Random Photo: The Land of Jajakistan
Monday March 17th 2014, 2:05 pm
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Spotted these boxes in a restaurant in Burgundy. Note: “jaja” is slang in French for wine.

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How Do you Say “Google it” in French?
Monday May 30th 2011, 7:22 pm
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google it in french
Voila. This is how you say “Google it” in French. I thought you’d like this tiny bit of trivia.

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English Without Pain: Lesson 8
Thursday April 28th 2011, 2:53 pm
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Are you ready for Lesson 8 in L’anglais sans peine (English Without Pain)? If you missed my Lesson 1 blog post, see it here as well as read about what English Without Pain is.

Here’s lesson 8: I have a surprise for you in my pocket…
english without pain lecon lesson 8
Am I the only one who thinks this is absolutely hilarious?!

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English Without Pain: Lesson 1
Tuesday September 14th 2010, 8:41 pm
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French people over the age of 45 or so, who’ve tried to study English, will all be able to say “My tailor is rich.” Some might not be able to say much more than that, but by God they can at least say that and that might come in handy…some day! I’ve met many people who’ve proudly recited this line to me. I never know how to respond.

This most absurd and utterly useless phrase is the very first lesson from a book called, L’anglais sans peine (English Without Pain). It’s a book that a lot of French people owned, and I recently found it at my in-laws! My dad in law can’t say too much more than “my tailor is rich.” How many more times will we all laugh when he says that to me? I don’t know.

The book is pure gold in its datedness, silliness and just plain wrongness and it’s something I must share here, albeit in little blog posts.

Here’s the cartoon that goes with lesson Number 1: My Tailor is Rich. From where the author pulled this out of, I can’t say.
my tailor is rich, english lesson for the french
More to follow I hope.

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Franco-American Conversations: What are We Talking About?
Sunday March 01st 2009, 11:07 am
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Him: Hey! I was looking for you. Ground Beef?

Me: Wha? … Oh. Dinner. Do you want burgers or some chili or something like that?

Him: What?

Me: You must be hungry. Maybe some else?

Him: I’m confused. I came to see you to talk about something, not dinner.

Me: Oh but you suggested ground beef.

Him: What!?

Me: You said STEACK HACHÉ.

Him. No I didn’t. I said T’ES CACHÉE.

Me: OH! Hee.

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