Wine News: Not Very Jammy Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Friday December 11th 2009, 6:09 am
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From the nytimes:

NOTHING about Châteauneuf-du-Pape is sleek or polished. It’s a rough-and-tumble wine, sometimes ungainly and fierce, but just as often warm, open, generous and full of pleasure.

It can be intense and complex — it’s not at all simple. Yet it sometimes can be as friendly as a big good-natured dog. Occasionally, it’s too friendly.

I was thinking about the overbearing side of Châteauneuf recently after the wine panel had completed a tasting of 20 bottles from the 2007 vintage. For the tasting, Florence Fabricant and I were joined by two guests, Vanessa Treviño Boyd, sommelier at Adour, and David Gordon, wine director at Tribeca Grill, which offers what is most likely the widest selection of Châteauneuf in New York.

We found some wines we liked very much, yet on the whole the 2007s left me unexcited. Stylistically, they presented Châteauneuf’s too-friendly side. Châteauneuf is always a big wine, but these wines were huge — full of lush, opulent fruit with powerful, jammy flavors.

If you like fruit-bomb wines, you will love …

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Le St. Jean, Carcassonne
Tuesday November 10th 2009, 11:18 am
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medieval castle in carcassonne at night
If for any reason you go to the St. Jean restaurant in the cité médiévale of Carcassonne, it should be for the ambiance. On a warm summer night outside facing the ancient ramparts, Niko singing his fun Frenchified songs of bossa nova, other Latin tunes and maybe some Stevie Wonder songs with a pleasant French accent, it’s just the beginning of a overall awesome evening or afternoon.
niko musician st jean
The food is pretty good for such an unabashed place for tourists. Noteworthy: The cassoulet (regional specialty) is really delicious. However, a small gripe from me: the portions are just too huge. However, some many gobs of people will clearly welcome the copious quantity of food.

After finishing the appetizers,
appetizer at st jean carcassonne
which are huge,
foie gras at st jean carcassonne
and the main dish…also gargantuan,
main dish at st jean carcassonne
here’s the steak tartare someone in our party had;
raw beef resto st jean
isn’t it a lot? Yes! I wonder how anyone can polish off that amount of food in one sitting. Oh wait, we did.

Generous portions really do not form solid grounds for complaining; I do realize this unfair grievance. Some people would call that a perk. Afterall, the dishes were rather tasty and the whole experience: live music, dining comfortably alfresco, to-die-for backdrop, excellent company, friendly staff – made everything fabulous. Highly recommended.

Le St. Jean
Restaurant – Bar – Glacier
1, place Saint Jean
Cite de Carcassonne France
Telephone : 04 68 47 42 43

Friday France Photo: Subway in Nîmes
Friday March 06th 2009, 2:20 pm
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subway sandwiches in france nimes
The sandwich invasion, not the underground transportation system.

Late Edition: Friday France Photo – Butcher in Nimes

butcher in nimes
Specializing in beef, apparently. How good have we gotten at disassociating the cow from the steak? Very good.

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Friday France Photo: Fountain
Friday October 24th 2008, 11:38 am
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fountain in roquemaure france

A fountain in Roquemaure, France.

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