A Massacred French Recipe / Ce n’était pas moi qui l’ai fait !
Friday April 16th 2010, 3:27 pm
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The following massacred French recipe was committed by the folks at that omnipresent family cafeteria/restaurant in France, Flunch, not me this time around.
american galette at flunch in france
We strolled by a Flunch yesterday and saw this huge sign for a new offering: The American Galette. While you’d think it would resemble a French sandwich américain, with its nonsensical bratwurst, grilled veggies and fries inside a baguette – surprisingly, La (chouette/nice)  galette américaine sort of makes sense (in a Frenchy way) sporting basically a burger and its fixings inside a galette (a savory crepe usually made with buckwheat flour). Is it any good? I dunno but I think it needs fries inside!

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Make Baguettes At Home
Saturday May 03rd 2008, 3:13 am
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recipe for baguettes at baker's banter
The baguettes made by the boulangeries near my place are not that great, sadly. I know! I’m in France so… what the??! Anyway, I might try to make some myself. Luckily, Baker’s Banter (King Arthur Flour) recently posted a step-by-step, HOWTO make your own baguettes.

Baguettes Do Try this at Home

French Luxury Tableware Design Turns to Sex Toys for Inspiration

souper fin kinky tableware
Leave it to outside-the-box thinking* French designer, Philippe Di Méo, to design tableware inspired by sex toys. The collection of erotic tableware called, Souper Fin (which is a play on words of “fine dining” and “super fine”), was designed in collaboration with renowned luxury companies Baccarat, Goyard, Cristofle and Orfèvrerie d’Anjou among others.
souper fin erotic tableware france
souper fin erotic tableware france
souper fin erotic tableware france
souper fin erotic tableware france
Souper Fin will be exhibited at L’Eclaireur (Paris) in July. Each item will be complemented with a specially created chef’s dish and recipe. (I guess so you know how to use some of the utensils!)

* Philippe Di Méo once designed perfumes based on sweat, tears and saliva.

Souper Fin


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The Best Foie Gras Ever is from…Spain
Friday April 18th 2008, 8:34 am
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From Michael Ruhlman:

“Eduardo Sousa, a farmer in the Extremadura region of Spain is, according to chef Dan Barber, raising geese that bear the best foie gras the chef’s tasted. The critical part of the story, though, is that Sousa does not force feed the geese. He apparently lets their inclination to gorge themselves, once required for migration, take care of the fattening and simply makes sure they have all they want—nuts, olives, etc., but no corn. This suggests of course that farmers who force feed their geese and ducks are simply controlling what the ducks would do naturally and that the folks who want to prohibit the production and sale of foie gras on the grounds of animal cruelty have one less leg to stand on.

I never thought they had any leg to stand on if they …”

Read the article


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Superbowl Sunday and a Massacred French Recipe
Sunday February 04th 2007, 6:54 am
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superbowl 41
Another Superbowl (the 41st to be exact) is upon us and I won’t be going to any snackalicious Superbowl parties. Wah! The (sort of) good news is that you can actually watch it live on French television on France 2. The fun begins at 10 minutes to midnight. Kickoff actually begins at 12:25am here but I think the French television programmers thought listing it after midnight looked too late. Maybe? Anyway, I’ll be awake but probably not watch it, and I don’t know anyone that gives a rat’s arse about it here. Tant pis. Yes, too bad, I say, because there could’ve been lots and lots and lots of yummies à la French food mixed with loud cheering, beer drinking and some American football action. Imagine the snacks I could have made! Would they have been massacred snacks? Me thinks YES.

Massacred French Recipe: Sept Couches Accompanées de Crackers (“crackers” in French is…crackers.)

This is just one made up Massacred French recipe (for my imaginary Superbowl party in France. How pathetic is that?) but the possibilities of butchering French and other recipes, are endless and fun. One example: Are you familiar with the 7-layer Mexican dip that is oftentimes present at these parties? I love those dips with big scoop dip size Fritos or corn tortillas. My version is probably more of a massacred Tex-Mex recipe with a French twist – because many ingredients for the actual recipe are not available in France. How ’bout a 7-layer dip that goes a little something like this:

1st layer: crème fraîche
2nd layer: snails! (ok, to be FANCY, let’s call them “escargots” sauteed in garlic butter. Don’t forget lots of fresh parsley)
3rd layer: Pureed Potatoes (first potatoes are put through a potato ricer, salt and peppered, fresh thyme added, and made creamy with…crème! of course.)
4th layer: Carmelized leeks and onions;
5th layer: Roquefort cheese
6th layter: Walnuts
7th layer: Chopped fresh figs.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnd voila! Sept Couches Accompanées de Crackers. How massacred is that? There’s more where THAT came from. Stay tuned.

Have fun Superbowl snacking, everyone. May the team you’re rooting for win! I’m rooting for winning snacks.

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Fun Superbowl Facts & Trivia
1. 8 million lbs. of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.
2. 14,500 tons of chips are eaten along with that guacamole.
3. 6% of Americans call in sick the Monday after Super Bowl.
4. The average number of people at a Super Bowl party is 17.
5. More drivers are involved in alcohol-related accidents on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year (except St. Patrick’s Day).
6. 35% of people who attend the game right it off as a corporate expense.
7. Super Bowl fans spend more than $50 million on food during the 4 days prior to the super bowl.
8. The Dolphin Stadium in Miami has vomitoriums.

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